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the maya strategy

mayaproducts The Maya Dynamic Index or simply put, the Maya Strategy, has been applied successfully since April 2013 by the Maya Fund.

The Maya Fund offers daily liquidity and is diversified across c.700 positions that are listed in global exchanges, and are highly liquid securities including equities and ETFs tracking bonds, commodities, Indices and currencies.

Maya employs a quantitative investment strategy designed to exploit consistent and systematic opportunities seeking to deliver absolute returns of 5-8% per annum over rolling 5-year periods, with single digit volatility and an average gross exposure of 100% (i.e. without the use of leverage).

Maya is also available with variable return targets, up to 10-16% target return over rolling 5-year periods, with appropriate levels of risk.

Monthly performance of the Maya Fund is reported in major global fund databases.

Daily net performance of the Maya Fund can be accessed here through Financial Express.

For more information on how to invest in the Maya Fund, please contact us.

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